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96 Via Oreada
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Texas Office

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Corpus Christi, TX 78418


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About Us

SafeNet Services, LLC (SafeNet) was initially established in 1994 as an environmental consulting firm.  This direction was changed in 2004, when the owners decided to return to their roots as construction professionals.  The company is locally owned in Corpus Christi, TX and registered with the State of Texas as a woman owned Historically Underutilized Business.

With up to $5mil of general liability insurance from a A+15 rated insurance carrier and $30mil in bonding capacity (CGNA), SafeNet is poised financially to ensure completion of every project.

Since returning to the construction industry in 2004, SafeNet has grown in gross sales every year by at least 25%.  This structured growth allows SafeNet to watch the quality and costs of every project.  Our Construction Superintendents are provided with all information concerning costs, materials, subcontractors, and time frames prior to the initiation of any new project.  They are required to check specifications against submittals, qualifications of each subcontractor and each of their employees, visit the actual worksite, and review plans against actual conditions.  Each week all Project Superintendents attend a “round table” discussion where each explains his/her project’s progress, emphasizing costs, schedule, risks, and approach for completion.  It is our position that a project cannot be accurately guided without having knowledge of all facets.

Having ongoing work at local Naval Air Stations and several area schools has required all SafeNet employees to submit to FBI background checks. All employees now have been granted access to all areas of these facilities.

SafeNet currently has approximately $10 to $12mil of construction services under contract.  Some of these contracts will conclude within 60 days and others are long term government projects. Our CPA reviews our financials every six months and reports to the bonding company. The remainder of times, our books are kept in our Corpus Christi office where project information can be access immediately. This information is examined and verified by each Project Superintendent on a weekly basis. SafeNet also has $1mil in operating loans, maintaining a $0 balance.